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view from pelican butte, oregon looking east at point comfort lodge, upper klamath wildlife refuge, upper klamath lake, lava beds and klamath falls.  photo by anders tomlinson.

Point Comfort Lodge looks out at Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
and sits at the foot of Pelican Butte, Winema National Forest and two
National Wilderness Areas. Within an hour’s drive are Crater Lake National Park,
Lava Beds National Monument, many fishing lakes and rivers, seven museums,
six National Wildlife Refuges, seven golf courses, Shakespeare and endless
seasonal outdoor recreation. At Point Comfort you are in the middle of majesty.

Fun Things To Do Around Rocky Point Point Comfort Lodge and Cabins: Canoe and kayak along trails in the lake. (Point Comfort has 2 peddle boats for guest use, bring your life jackets?) Mountain Biking Road Biking Driving: Forest Service Road Driving: Day Trips Crater Lake Lake of the Woods Fourmile Lake Ashland Brown Mountain trail (hiking, mt. biking Lake of the Woods/Fish Lake trail (hiking, mt. biking) Kimball Park Collier Park Ft. Klamath fish hatchery Fort Klamath Park Fishing Hikes Entertainment: Ross Ragland Theater, plus cinemas Bowling Golf (Arnold Palmer course at Running Y) Oregon Shakespeare Festival Dining: Rocky Point Resort, Lake of the Woods, Solar Café, Fish Lake

Point Comfort Lodge is surrounded by the Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge (15,000 acres), Fremont/Winema National Forest (2.3 million acres) and Rogue National Forests (630,000 acres) Looking out the south windows you can see the eight peaks of the Mountain Lakes Wilderness. This beautiful 23,071 acre reserve is one of the original wilderness areas designated in the U.S. The caldera was created when a 12,000 foot volcano collapsed, much in the same way as the volcano that created Crater Lake. It left a smaller caldera with numerous lakes inside. It can be accessed by the Clover Creek Trailhead, Varney Creek Trailhead, and the Mountain Lakes Trailhead, less than 10 miles away. To the west is another wilderness area, The Sky Lakes Wilderness. (113,590 acres), this wilderness is also about 10 miles from Point Comfort Lodge. It can be accessed by the Fourmile Lake Trailhead, Cold Springs Trailhead, Cherry Creek Trailhead, Nanny Creek Trailhead, and the Seven Mile Marsh Trailhead. All just a short drive away.

Looming over the Cascade Range is Mt. McLoughlin, a 9495 foot shield cone volcano that can be seen all over southern Oregon, This vigorous hike can be accessed by the trailhead near Fourmile Lake. This is about 10 miles from the lodge. The Pacific Crest Trail can be accessed from either the Summit Snow Park on highway 140, about 12 miles away, or on Dead Indian Road at the Walt Harring Snow Park, about 15 miles away. Malone Springs is a beautiful access point to the northern part of Crystal Creek, it is off of Westside Road. . Fort Klamath has a museum of its days as a frontier fort during the Indian wars. Kimball Park, near Fort Klamath, holds the head waters of the Wood River. The springs gush out of the cliff to a beautiful blue green pond. Near Fort Klamath is the fish hatchery, here are some of the largest German Brown, and Rainbow Trout you will likely see anywhere. Near Chiloquin, 0n highway 97, is the Collier Logging museum, with many examples of old logging equipment. Crater Lake National Park is about 44 miles from the lodge. The deepest lake in North America and probably the bluest lake you will ever see. Just west of Crater Lake on Highway 62 is the Rogue River Gorge where the river crashes through a lava flow, and there is a natural lava bridge where the natives could walk across the river. The whole river goes through a lava tube and gushes out down stream.

Just south of Klamath Falls, is the Lava Beds National Monument. Here are examples of many types of volcanic activity, including lava tubes, calderas, cinder cones, and many caves. There are many miles of forest service roads for mountain biking nearby. Westside Road is a popular road biking route, and is not heavily traveled by auto traffic.

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