In the trees overlooking creeks and wildlife refuge

rocky point resort front entrance sign,  procky poit, oregon.  photo by anders tomlinson.

Here is a few minutes walk north of Point Comfort Lodge
Rocky Point Resort has been a mecca for for outdoor recreation since the 1880′s. Rocky Point Resort is known for its fishing, boating and birding. It offers cabins, rooms, tent sites and RV spaces. The resort is open for business April 1 to November 1.

rocky point resort dock, rocky point oregon.  photo by anders tomlinson.

Rocky Point Resort is all about easy water access.
The dock sits on Pelican Bay and Recreation Creek. Out Pelican Bay to the southeast is Upper Klamath Lake. North up Recreation Creek ends at beautiful Crystal Springs. Along the way Recreation Creek meets up with other creeks that crisscross Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Rocky Point Resort sells marine fuel and rent canoes.
There is a boat launch to the south of the resort.

rocky point resort seen from pelican bay in the fall. rocky point, oregon. photo by anders tomlinson

Nestled is a colorful and aromatic world.
Fall is a special time along the creeks and bays of Rocky Point, Oregon.
One of the best places to observe fall is in the Rocky Point Resort restaurant with its beautiful views and great food. Breakfast lunch and dinner is an wonderful experience.

looking north from pelican bay at the rocky poinbt resort and the start to recreation creek.  rocky point, oregon.  photo by anders tomlinson.
A place families have visited and enjoyed for generations.

Rocky Point Resort is seen from Pelican Bay as one looks north to Recreation Creek and it Canoe trail and great fishing. point Comfort is a few hundred yards to the south behind us. The lakeside resorts of Rocky Point, Oregon are all part of a great outdoor tradition.
For more information visit Rocky Point Resort

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